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Understand native speakers of English (even when they speak «fast») and learn real-life English.

Finally Understand Native Speakers Easily!


Try Cogdex for $1 for 7 days. After that, just $27.00 per month.

Cancel at any time. 60-day money-back guarantee.

Do you have difficulties understanding any of these?

  • check1. Conversations with more than one other person.
  • check2. Telephone conversations.
  • check3. Public announcements, like at a train station, airport, or bus terminal.
  • check4. Songs.
  • check5. People talking in noisy environments.
  • check6. Conversations between native speakers.

If you answered «YES,» you’re not alone…

Most people who learn a second language have this problem.

​Even if they studied for years!

Even if they lived with native speakers for years!

​You just never learned how to understand real native English.

You studied beautiful, perfect, serious English: books, television, films, language learning apps, your teachers.

How often did you listen to a recording of someone just speaking casually, as if they weren’t being recorded?

Probably never.

It’s very difficult to get recordings of people as if they weren’t being recorded.

But no one speaks the same way in real life and when they’re being recorded, or speaking to a large group (like a teacher).

In your native language, would you talk to the person next to you at work the same way you’d speak if you were on television?

You’d speak at different speeds and use different language.

So, it’s like you learned how to walk, but not how to run. With Cogdex, you’ll learn how to run fast.

You’ll finally learn how to understand real native English easily.

Hi, I’m Joe Walsh

 Joe Walsh​​​​​ 

 English teacher,

creator of Cogdex 

I’m an English teacher.

But, like you, I worked hard to understand a second language (for me, Spanish).

I studied Spanish for years. Yet I could only understand parts of conversations and other speech.

I finally mastered Spanish, and you can master English!


Welcome to an Easy and Proven Method for Increasing Fluency and Comprehension Fast:Cogdex Audio Immersion

Cogdex solves the two biggest problems you face when mastering English.

After years of teaching professional adults how to speak English better, I knew most people have two problems with mastering English:

  1. «Even though I study, I still can’t understand real native speakers of English.»
  2. «I don’t have time to practice English.»

Cogdex takes no time commitment, since you can listen while you’re doing your daily activities.

More important, it’s the only English system I know of that uses real, everyday, ordinary spoken English.

Real English, not fake English

The English in almost all other English courses and apps is fake.

It’s actors speaking carefully to make «educational» audio or videos.

Or, it’s videos of people on television or in films, or being interviewed–which sounds very different from everyday spoken English.

If you want to understand real native speakers every day, you have to listen to real native speakers speaking casually in an everyday way.

As an English teacher, as far as I know, Cogdex is the only place in the world where you can get recordings of native speakers speaking casually, as they do in everyday life, with 100% accurate text transcripts of what they say.

Improve your English anywhere you can listen to music, on all your devices.

  • checkPhone: iphone, Android, Windows
  • checkComputer: Windows, Mac, Chrome
  • checkTablet
  • checkCar stereo (for newer car stereos that play MP3 files, or just connect your phone)

Cogdex is 100% audio files (easy MP3 format), video files (easy MP4 format), and text delivered to your email. You can open them anywhere and, if you want, save them forever. No «app.»

A Personal Story from a Cogdex User

Comments from people who’ve tried Cogdex:

«The solution to my eternal problem with spoken English…»

«Practical, fast…»

«I like it a lot…»

«The more you listen, the more you understand…»

«The repetition improves comprehension…»

«I’m getting a little more of what I hear…»

«A brilliant exercise in innovation…»

See How Cogdex Audio Immersion Works!

here is exactly what you’ll get with cogdex

The Cogdex course has three (3) parts.

1. Cogdex Audio Immersion

  • Every day receive a Cogdex email with a link  to one new mp3
  • You can download it and keep it forever or listen online!
  • These audios are 25-35 minutes long.
  • They teach you to understand real native speakers.
  • Example topics: riding a metro, the story of the Titanic, how to do a job interview, classic jokes in English, decorating an apartment.

2. Daily text lesson

  • Included in your daily Cogdex email.
  • Includes the 100% accurate text transcript of the native speaker audio.
  • Comments on the Cogdex audio immersion of the day (read after you’ve listened to the audio). For instance, why the native speaker spoke a certain way.
  • These lessons take 3-6 minutes to read. Fast!
  • Read anywhere you can check your email. It’s right in your email.

3. Weekly video lesson

  • 25-30-minute video discussing how to learn English.
  • Download or watch online, anytime.
  • Watch anytime or watch «live» with other learners and me to comment on the video and ask and answer questions.
  • If you don’t have time to watch the videos, you can listen to the audio!
  • Watch anywhere: your phone, tablet, or computer.

BONUS 1: Facebook group for students (optional)

  • Ask questions.
  • Comment on lessons.
  • Meet other learners.

BONUS 2: Weekly «Live» Video Lesson (optional)

  • 5 times a week I will be available live to reply to comments on the weekly video lesson.
  • If you like having a weekly «event» to motivate you
  • You can come to any (or none) of the five weekly sessions.

«A different way to improve…»

«I’m dusting off my English…»


«The best system for understanding spoken English…»

Video Testimonials

«my listening ability improved»

«Easily assimilated»

You don’t have time for English?

You can listen to Cogdex while you do other things!While you shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, travel to work, perform tasks at work, eat lunch, travel home from work, clean the house, exercise, before you fall asleep…

Don’t have time for the weekly 30-minute video lesson?Then don’t watch it! Or just listen to it as audio!You can still learn English with the daily immersion audio.

See a Segment of a Weekly Video Lesson

In this five-minute segment you’ll learn:1. How to understand when native speakers combine sounds.2. How to understand words with the «schwa» sound.3. How to use the phrase «at a walking pace.»

frequently asked questions

What languages are available?

100% English only. This course if for people who can already read simple English, so there are no translations provided.

Why do they talk so fast in your videos?

They don’t talk fast. This is the normal speaking speed for native speakers, in any language.

What payment methods do you accept​​​​?

Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) and Paypal. To pay from your bank account, sign up for Paypal. It only takes a few minutes. It’s easy!

I don’t have a credit card, how do I pay?

To pay from your bank account, sign up for Paypal. Then come back to Cogdex and select the Paypal option to pay. We cannot accept wire transfer payments or direct bank transfers.

I’m not available during the week for the «live» class. Can I still use Cogdex?

Yes. The «live» class is optional. I only offer it because so many people have requested a weekly «event» to stay motivated.

I’m an English teacher. Can I share the audios, videos, and text with my class?

Yes. But only you can join the Facebook group or ask questions.

Why don’t I just watch videos with subtitles?

Very few videos show native speakers speaking casually. In almost all videos, people speak more carefully, which sounds different from most English. Trying to learn to understand most English by watching most videos is like trying to train to run a marathon by using the exercise machine at the gym. Also, subtitles are almost never 100% accurate. Frequently they are only about 90% accurate. So, the most difficult words to understand, the words you really need the subtitles for, aren’t in the subtitles.

«You can trust me and you can trust Cogdex.»–Joe Walsh, teacher, creator of Cogdex

Cogdex has more than 50 000 fans and hundreds of reviews on Facebook, with 4.9 out of 5 stars!

Start Your No Risk, $1 7-Day Trial!

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«I guarantee your English will improve dramatically or I will give you a 100% refund within 60 days of your payment.”

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