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Dentro de 15 minutos te estaremos enviando la nueva lección de hoy y una lección cada día después.

Dentro de 15 minutos te estaremos enviando la nueva lección de hoy y una lección cada día después.

IMPORTANTE: si quieres entender el inglés hablado, tienes que leer esto ya mismo, pues muchas personas lo están haciendo de manera INCORRECTA.

Sigue leyendo para saber cómo puedes acceder instantáneamente a nuestro sistema complete de Cómo Entender a los Hablantes Nativos por sólo $5…

How to Understand Spoken English (without classes or traveling abroad)

Gain the ability to make spoken English intelligible in your free time.

Does this sound familiar?

«I KNOW a LOT of English…but when someone speaks–a lot of times it’s like they’re speaking too fast or they’re mumbling. And then I find out what they were saying and I *know* all those words!»

It’s really frustrating…

because you’ve studied English…

you’ve taken classes…

you maybe enven read the news in English…

you’ve practiced over and over.


Can you understand 100% (or even 90%) of what the typical person says?

It’s not your fault.

The vast majority of English classes just don’t spend much time on understanding spoken English. Even the most popular language-learning app, Duolingo, doesn’t even use real native speakers–it uses fake computer-generated voices.

Teacher Bot at inglesporinternet.com can help you where other classes and apps failed.

Alumnos de inglesporinternet.com completan cada video-lección en menos de 5 minutos, lo que significa que puedes aprovechar de todo ese tiempo perdido en tu día para mejorar tu inglés.

Alumnos del sistema lo han usado en el bus, durante el almuerzo o el desayuno, mientras hacen fila, aún en el baño….

Y te deja mucho más satisfecho que Facebook o algún jueguito.

Imaginee how it will feel when you can watch your favorite movie or TV show in English and understand everything they’re saying, easily and enjoyably.

Imaginee how it will feel when you can learn new skills by watching one of the millions of instructional videos that are only in English.

Imaginee how it will feel when people tell you «Wow! Your English is great!»

You can! You will! How?

You learn to ride a bicycle by riding a bicycle, you learn to swim by swimming, you learn to read by learning, you learn to listen and understand to English by…

listening to and understand English.

real spoken English. Not someone carefully enunciating so that a language learner can understand them.

Real native speakers speaking the way they normally speak to other native speakers.

That’s why inglesporinternet.com uses real videos of dozens of different native English speakers from Youtube.

The simple, short video-lessons of inglesporinternet.com will help you to:

  • Identify the key words that unlock meaning.
  • Quickly grasp the main idea of what someone is saying.
  • Decipher words you don’t know yet so you can look them up later.

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Quotes from people saying the only way to understand native speakers is to listen to native speakers

Get 100 Video-Lessons of Real Native English-Speakers

32 Video lessons examining the speech of President Barack Obama

48 Lessons Learning from North American professionals talking about their jobs

32 Lessons Listening to North American businesspeople talking about business and the economy

14 Video-Lessons Examining One of the Richest Men in the World, Bill Gates

10 Video Lessons of US Vice-President Joe Biden

12 Video-Lessons of the Wealthiest Woman in the US, Oprah Winfrey

5 Video-Lessons Learning from Comedian Ellen Degeneres

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You know what it usually costs to learn a language. Language classes are expensive and the Rosetta Stone software costs over a hundred dollars.

But we want to reach as many people as possible, so we’re selling the first 100 lessons for just $5.

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Preguntas Frecuentes

Will this work on iphone/Android/ipad/PC/Mac?

The lessons will work on Chrome or Safari for iphone, ipad, Android, PC, or Mac.

Do you have an app for iphone or Android?

You can use the lessons in a web browser on Chrome or Safari but we do not have an app in the iphone App Store or Google Play.

What’s a video-lesson?

It’s the kind of lesson you just did. Our video-lessons start with a 9-15-second segment of a Youtube video of a real native speaker and then go over what he or she said, bit by bit.

Will I be fluent in English after these 100 lessons?

This system is for users who can already read and write (and sometimes even speak) in English, and need to learn how to listen. You will almost certainly make a significant improvement in your English. But just by themselves, the lessons will not transform an intermediate speaker of English to an advanced speaker of English. The idea is to keep improving every day, not hope for overnight improvement.

Why only $5?

$5 approximately covers our costs to make the lessons, host them, and put links to web page on Facebook. We do have other lessons that we hope you will consider after you finish these. We also are hoping to reach as many people as possible.

Improve Your English Right Now for Only $5

Credit Card or Cash (Oxxo o 7-Eleven)


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